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Class Rules

1. Please do not delete others' entries.
2. Please do not insult/criticise the school, teachers or other classes.
3. Please do not spam.
4. Please use your given name to tag.
5. Include your name when your post.

x Pupils on duty please do your duty!

Get username/password from Timothy, Somi or Yiqian.
Please update, tag and keep this blog alive.

Thank you!

TWOexpressTHREE; o8


42 Hearts, 1 Voice

Form Teacher: Mrs Christina Eu
Co-form Teacher: Ms Pou Li Min

English Teacher: Mrs Eu
Math Teacher: Mrs Yap
Science Teacher: Ms Pou
Geography Teacher: Mrs Tan
History Teacher: Ms Tan
Mother Tongue Teachers: (currently unavailable)
Home Economics Teacher: Mrs Guna
DnT Teacher: Mr Ong
PE Teacher: Mr Nirav

Councillors: Jia Hui, Timothy, Theodore, Nabilah, Somi
Monitor: Peimin
Ast. Monitor: Joanna
Treasurer: Cai Jing
Admin Coord: Yi Qian
Healthy Lifestyle Coord: Nathaniel

EL Rep: Dhabitah
Math Rep: Kim Peng
Science Rep: Hadi
Geography Rep: Kai Zhen
History Rep: Somi
PE Rep: Wei Long
D&T/Home Economics Rep: Bethia/ Amanda Tan
IT Rep: Zhang Hui/ Amanda Chang
Smart Rep: Darlyna

1. Ang Kei Wei Alyssa
2. Bae Somi
3. Bethia Neo Jie Ling
4. Chang Jing Yi Amanda
5. Choong Hui Min
6. Dhabitah Bte Yusuf
7. Foo Yuan Zhen Joan
8. Hua Xin Yi
9. Joanna Kow Xue Ting
10. Lau Li Jun
11. Lim Pei Min
12. Low Qiu Ru
13. Luisa Gan Yen Siu Ping
14. Mah Yi Qian
15. Mahalakshmi
16. Masayoe Nabilah
17. Neo Kai Zhen
18. Nur Darlyna
19. Pua Sin Yee
20. Soh Wei Xuan
21. Tan Jia Yue
22. Tan Qian Yi Amanda
23. Tay Kai Shan
24. Toh Zhi Yan
25. Umairah Bte Abu Bakar
26. Wong Jia Hui
27. Yio Kim Peng
28. A Divian
29. Daniel Stephen
30. Fetalvero Nathaniel Jader
31. Lim Cai Jing
32. Low Sheng Xian
33. Muhammad Hadi B Rahman
34. Neil Joseph Lecaros Yap
35. Neoh Tse Pin
36. Ong Wei Long
37. Sean Yip Jian Hong
38. Theodore Emmanuel Choo
39. Turiano Timothy John Bitonio
40. Zhang Hui


Aspire To Excel

x Everyone to be in Top 40 for level ranking
x Class Spirit
x Enthusiasm in everyone
x Boys and girls to bond
x i-Class Excellence
x i-Class Discipline
x i-Class Class Spirit
x i-Class Wellness
x i-Class Cleanliness
x Class tee
x Class outing
x Fewer homework
x Lesser scoldings
x More compliments
x No DC issued

Important Dates

4th - Zhi Yan :D
17th -Kai Shan :D
28th - Qiuru :D

6th - CNY eve
7th - CNY
8th - CNY
13th - English Term Test 1
14th - History Term Test 1/ Valentine's Day
15th - Total Defence Day
18th - Geography Term Test 1
19th - Math Term Test 1
20th - Science Term Test 1
22nd - UG Open House
29th - X-Country

4th - Zhang Hui :D/ No Uniform Day/ CSI Showcase
6th - Project Runway
7th - BC Day - Heritage Trail
15th - Jia Yue :D
19th - PTR Session
21st - Good Friday [Public Holiday!]
27th - Li Jun :D

1st - Nabilah :D
2nd - Jia Hui :D
4th - Cai Jing :D
10th - NAPFA Test
11th - CCA Stand Down
12th - Somi :D
18th - SC Investiture
19th - Nathaniel :D
23rd - Pei Min :D
28th - Kai Zhen :D
30th - English MYE Paper 1 & 2

1st - Labour Day [Public Holiday!]
2nd - MT MYE Paper 1
5th - MT MYE Paper 2
6th - History MYE
7th - Geography MYE
8th - Math MYE Paper 1
9th - Math MYE Paper 2
10th - Sean :D/ Tse Pin :D
12th - Science MYE/ Fencing
13th - Hadi :D/ Marking Day/ Dragon Boating
14th - Timothy :D
16th - CCAs resume
19th - Vesak Day [Public Holiday!]
24th - School Holiday begins!
29th - Theodore :D

3rd - Hui Min :D
5th - Darlyna :D
8th - Maha :D
14th - Wei Xuan :D
17th - Joanna :D
23rd - School reopens

6th - Youth Day
11th - Dhabitah :D
24th - Wei Long :D

8th - National Day Celebration
9th - Sin Yee :D/ National Day [Public Holiday!]
11th - Holiday in Lieu
12th - Term Test 2
13th - Amanda Tan :D/ Joseph :D/ Term Test 2
14th - Term Test 2
15th - Ms Pou :D/ Term Test 2
29th - Teachers' Day Celebration
30th - School Holiday begins!

1st - Teachers' Day 6th - Daniel :D
7th - School reopens
12th - CCA Stand Down
13th - Bethia :D
19th - Luisa :D
26th - English EOY Exam
29th - EOY Exam
30th - EOY Exam

1st - Joan :D/ Children's Day/ Hari Raya Puasa [Public Holiday!]
2nd - EOY Exam
3rd - EOY Exam
6th - EOY Exam
7th - Yi Qian :D/ EOY Exam
8th - EOY Exam
9th - EOY Exam
10th - EOY Exam
15th - Alyssa :D
28th - Deepavali [Public Holiday!]

3rd - Umairah :D
7th - Kim Peng :D
10th - Amanda Chang :D
15th - School Holiday begins!
20th - Sheng Xian :D

8th - Hari Raya Haji [Public Holiday!]
22nd - Xin Yi :D/ Divian :D
25th - Christmas Day [Public Holiday!]

Make some noise!


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    Avel Photoshop

  • • Friday, June 20, 2008 ♬

    Okay dumb dumbs,, sorry for not posting for a very very long time...

    Happy very belated bdays to,,





    School's gonna resume very soon,, next week actually
    Please "TRY" to do your homeworks as much as possible...

    Geography=3 mind maps
    Maths=HEYMATHS/Practice paper
    English=Vocab/Grammar and the $1000 worth of compo
    There's no need to do compre and situational writing according to some people...

    I think that's all yeah?
    If you haven't done as single thing then I suggest you focus on doing it and you shall succeed,, haha...

    Enjoy your last week of holidays people!
    That's all!!

    Our goal for term 3 is at least 3/4 of us is in the top 40,, jiayou people! :D
    I guess the PBL have really brought some of the guys and girls together....
    I wanna have a new sitting arrangement!! Who agrees with me??
    Bye dumb dumbs!


    9:38 AM

    • Thursday, June 5, 2008 ♬

    Hey dumb dumbs!
    Sorry for the lack of updates! D:

    belated BIRTHDAY HUIMIN!

    I'm sure Class Bbq was a blast, right?
    Hopefully, our Class Spirit will be there by the end of Term 3..
    Anyone wanna volunteer to post up the pics? xD
    You grandmomo is too lazy to do so.

    Okay.. Holiday Assignments:

    - English Holiday Assignment Package
    - Math Paper (Ang Mo Kio Sec)
    - History Holiday Assignment (Newspaper)
    - Geography Mindmaps for 3 chapters (Chapters 2, 7 and 8)
    - Science Project

    Quickly start if you havent!
    School's reopening in another 2 weeks!
    That's like, so soooon.

    Okay, i think i will post up the pics.
    Those from my blog..
    So if you pic isn't there, i'm sorry.

    The class radio is up!
    Please consult Hadi about signing up and stuffs.
    Its where all of us can chat together and there is also music!
    Visit often okayyyyyyyy.

    8:12 PM