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Class Rules

1. Please do not delete others' entries.
2. Please do not insult/criticise the school, teachers or other classes.
3. Please do not spam.
4. Please use your given name to tag.
5. Include your name when your post.

x Pupils on duty please do your duty!

Get username/password from Timothy, Somi or Yiqian.
Please update, tag and keep this blog alive.

Thank you!

TWOexpressTHREE; o8


42 Hearts, 1 Voice

Form Teacher: Mrs Christina Eu
Co-form Teacher: Ms Pou Li Min

English Teacher: Mrs Eu
Math Teacher: Mrs Yap
Science Teacher: Ms Pou
Geography Teacher: Mrs Tan
History Teacher: Ms Tan
Mother Tongue Teachers: (currently unavailable)
Home Economics Teacher: Mrs Guna
DnT Teacher: Mr Ong
PE Teacher: Mr Nirav

Councillors: Jia Hui, Timothy, Theodore, Nabilah, Somi
Monitor: Peimin
Ast. Monitor: Joanna
Treasurer: Cai Jing
Admin Coord: Yi Qian
Healthy Lifestyle Coord: Nathaniel

EL Rep: Dhabitah
Math Rep: Kim Peng
Science Rep: Hadi
Geography Rep: Kai Zhen
History Rep: Somi
PE Rep: Wei Long
D&T/Home Economics Rep: Bethia/ Amanda Tan
IT Rep: Zhang Hui/ Amanda Chang
Smart Rep: Darlyna

1. Ang Kei Wei Alyssa
2. Bae Somi
3. Bethia Neo Jie Ling
4. Chang Jing Yi Amanda
5. Choong Hui Min
6. Dhabitah Bte Yusuf
7. Foo Yuan Zhen Joan
8. Hua Xin Yi
9. Joanna Kow Xue Ting
10. Lau Li Jun
11. Lim Pei Min
12. Low Qiu Ru
13. Luisa Gan Yen Siu Ping
14. Mah Yi Qian
15. Mahalakshmi
16. Masayoe Nabilah
17. Neo Kai Zhen
18. Nur Darlyna
19. Pua Sin Yee
20. Soh Wei Xuan
21. Tan Jia Yue
22. Tan Qian Yi Amanda
23. Tay Kai Shan
24. Toh Zhi Yan
25. Umairah Bte Abu Bakar
26. Wong Jia Hui
27. Yio Kim Peng
28. A Divian
29. Daniel Stephen
30. Fetalvero Nathaniel Jader
31. Lim Cai Jing
32. Low Sheng Xian
33. Muhammad Hadi B Rahman
34. Neil Joseph Lecaros Yap
35. Neoh Tse Pin
36. Ong Wei Long
37. Sean Yip Jian Hong
38. Theodore Emmanuel Choo
39. Turiano Timothy John Bitonio
40. Zhang Hui


Aspire To Excel

x Everyone to be in Top 40 for level ranking
x Class Spirit
x Enthusiasm in everyone
x Boys and girls to bond
x i-Class Excellence
x i-Class Discipline
x i-Class Class Spirit
x i-Class Wellness
x i-Class Cleanliness
x Class tee
x Class outing
x Fewer homework
x Lesser scoldings
x More compliments
x No DC issued

Important Dates

4th - Zhi Yan :D
17th -Kai Shan :D
28th - Qiuru :D

6th - CNY eve
7th - CNY
8th - CNY
13th - English Term Test 1
14th - History Term Test 1/ Valentine's Day
15th - Total Defence Day
18th - Geography Term Test 1
19th - Math Term Test 1
20th - Science Term Test 1
22nd - UG Open House
29th - X-Country

4th - Zhang Hui :D/ No Uniform Day/ CSI Showcase
6th - Project Runway
7th - BC Day - Heritage Trail
15th - Jia Yue :D
19th - PTR Session
21st - Good Friday [Public Holiday!]
27th - Li Jun :D

1st - Nabilah :D
2nd - Jia Hui :D
4th - Cai Jing :D
10th - NAPFA Test
11th - CCA Stand Down
12th - Somi :D
18th - SC Investiture
19th - Nathaniel :D
23rd - Pei Min :D
28th - Kai Zhen :D
30th - English MYE Paper 1 & 2

1st - Labour Day [Public Holiday!]
2nd - MT MYE Paper 1
5th - MT MYE Paper 2
6th - History MYE
7th - Geography MYE
8th - Math MYE Paper 1
9th - Math MYE Paper 2
10th - Sean :D/ Tse Pin :D
12th - Science MYE/ Fencing
13th - Hadi :D/ Marking Day/ Dragon Boating
14th - Timothy :D
16th - CCAs resume
19th - Vesak Day [Public Holiday!]
24th - School Holiday begins!
29th - Theodore :D

3rd - Hui Min :D
5th - Darlyna :D
8th - Maha :D
14th - Wei Xuan :D
17th - Joanna :D
23rd - School reopens

6th - Youth Day
11th - Dhabitah :D
24th - Wei Long :D

8th - National Day Celebration
9th - Sin Yee :D/ National Day [Public Holiday!]
11th - Holiday in Lieu
12th - Term Test 2
13th - Amanda Tan :D/ Joseph :D/ Term Test 2
14th - Term Test 2
15th - Ms Pou :D/ Term Test 2
29th - Teachers' Day Celebration
30th - School Holiday begins!

1st - Teachers' Day 6th - Daniel :D
7th - School reopens
12th - CCA Stand Down
13th - Bethia :D
19th - Luisa :D
26th - English EOY Exam
29th - EOY Exam
30th - EOY Exam

1st - Joan :D/ Children's Day/ Hari Raya Puasa [Public Holiday!]
2nd - EOY Exam
3rd - EOY Exam
6th - EOY Exam
7th - Yi Qian :D/ EOY Exam
8th - EOY Exam
9th - EOY Exam
10th - EOY Exam
15th - Alyssa :D
28th - Deepavali [Public Holiday!]

3rd - Umairah :D
7th - Kim Peng :D
10th - Amanda Chang :D
15th - School Holiday begins!
20th - Sheng Xian :D

8th - Hari Raya Haji [Public Holiday!]
22nd - Xin Yi :D/ Divian :D
25th - Christmas Day [Public Holiday!]

Make some noise!


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    Avel Photoshop

  • • Friday, May 23, 2008 ♬

    Dumb dumbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbs!

    We got back out report books today..
    Some of us (including me) really need to buck up lah.
    Jiayou! :D

    We got iClass Cleanliness and iClass Discipline today!
    Dhabitah also went on stage to get the iReach Award.
    The next time any of our classmates get an award or something, we must cheer okay?
    Class Spirit yeah! :D

    And, 4 more days to our Class Bbq!
    Here are the ways on how to go there..


    Take bus 13 from Yio Chu Kang Terminal/Interchange


    when you come out of Bishan MRT station, turn right, then turn right again.
    Junction 8 is on the left, so you go the other way.
    then there's a bus stop there.
    from there, take bus 13.

    Look out for signboards saying, Marine Parade/East Coast Park, etc.
    that means you're somewhere around there already.
    alight at a block of HDB flats.
    the block number should be 58?
    it should be 50 something lah.

    There are quite many stops.
    and the journey is about 1hr, if i'm not wrong.


    Take bus 966 from Woodlands Interchange.
    Alight when you see Marine Parade Community Centre, or somewhere around Marine Parade.
    then i also dont know how to go already, maybe from there, you can take a cab to East Coast Park, Carpark C.

    the journey is also about 1hr, i guess.


    Simple, take a cab to East Coast Park Carpark C.
    i think it costs around $20+, or maybe lesser.

    i suggest all of you to take bus 13, its much easier (:

    Call any of the organisers if you aren't going...
    I dont know why but some of you dont wanna go.
    Do come, cus this is a rare chance that we, 2e3, can hang out together outside school yeah.
    Dont you all wanna be bonded?
    Think about the iClass Class Spirit Award.
    Even if its not for the award, just come..
    I'm sure we'll have lots of fun. [:

    And please TAG when you visit.
    We're getting fewer and fewer tags and its always the same people tagging.

    Gogogo, 2e3! :D

    -Your Grandmomo[:

    11:57 PM

    • Thursday, May 22, 2008 ♬


    Ready to get tomorrow's results?!?!?!
    There's nothing to worry about dumb-dumbs
    Coz Mrs Eu wrote nice remarks for us that she was even shocked
    That she's that nice to give us nice remarks...
    Thank you Mrs EU!!! ^.^

    She doesn't hate us,, hahahaha.....
    She don't hate dumb dumbs!!

    Guys! Wake up okay!?!?!?!?!?!
    Let's chiong together for top 40!
    Dumb dumbs can do it.... :)


    11:30 PM

    • ♬

    TWOexpressTHREE; 08.
    42 hearts, 1 voice!

    Hello dumb dumbs!

    Sorry, Grandmomo hasn't been posting lately.

    Ms Goh went through our MSGs today.
    We still havent put in enough effort!
    I believe we, as 2e3, can definitely do it.
    We must buck up for EOYs!
    We must all get into Top 40.

    Bob the Builder, yes we can!

    Class Bbq:
    Please bring money, extra clothes and tidbits (optional).

    Please please please continue tagging and keep this blog aliveeeeeee! [:

    10:41 PM

    • ♬

    Hello people!

    We received quite a lot of holiday hwks today,,
    Please check that you have it with you...

    Class outing has been confirmed...
    May 27
    BBQ pits 31 and 32 at East Coast Park...
    Be there by 1pm
    And for those who have school activities before that,
    Please come ASAP....


    5:30 PM

    • Tuesday, May 20, 2008 ♬

    YO everyone :D

    lol. anyone done the $1000 [500 word]compo ?
    i dont know what to write -.-
    but i want the $1000 HAHAHAHAHH.
    i'm here for fun again (:
    so sad. had to be 'separated' from the class during the sculpture walk
    - HUIMIN!~

    9:00 PM

    • Monday, May 19, 2008 ♬

    Got exposed by yiqian!!!
    yes, its me...

    11:45 AM

    • ♬


    I shan't be twitsxszxszxszx anymore.

    Anyway, the previous post is by....

    Which is Tay Kai Shan.
    Hahahah, I wanna expose you, can? ;D
    Slap me loh. :P

    And I havent done my compo, deadddd! :/

    Tomorrow is Vesak Day.
    Enjoy your holiday, all!

    -Your Grandmomo[:

    1:39 AM

    • Saturday, May 17, 2008 ♬


    sigh...i feel so disappointed of my eng result!i really nid to buck up or else cant stay in the same class as u all!i am afraid tat u all will miss me!LOL:)

    so excited of the post exam activites!haha...especially the sculpture walk.i also dunno why...BTW,anybody noe wat to bring for the sculpture walk???HEHE...

    SO happy tat monday is a sch holiday.u noe why?coz mon have two periods of maths lesson.i so bad right?but i really feel so sleepy when teacher gave us so much MP and assignments to do.AGREE?lets hope she wont give so much HW...but is impossible..juz hope...

    oh ya.please remember to complete the $1000 composition which is a holiday assignments tat muz hand in on nxt wed.haha...

    BTW,u noe who am i?see here la-->
    TKS :)
    can see?haha...lame hor?

    9:22 PM

    • ♬

    elloszx. thishhx bl0g berii niice w0rhhsx. whuu make onex?
    nd h0r, whyex we hab tuu d0 thar compo?
    iie berrii lazy nehhszx.
    and iie'm sh0x excitedd fer post eXam activities worhsz. cantt waiit l0rhhs! ((:
    und thar class outiinq! kekesx, thankx eu tuu th0se peoplex whuu helpp tuu 0rganiise w0rhsx.
    iie'm lookiinq f0rwardd tuu it nehx.
    0hyax, guud luckk tuu th0se whu hab math olympiad exam or scrabble compeition worhx.
    whyye n0boddie tagx derhsx?
    thar bloq lykke sh0x deadd nehx.
    plwease taq m0re okiie?

    und, iie havent iintr0duce myyeself worhsx.
    iie am...


    Your Grandmother! :D
    Rofl, thats so NOT me.
    I was just bored and trying to be lame -___-

    Hahah, anyway, i was saying,

    Good luck and all the best to those taking the Math Olympiad Exam and those involved in the Scrabble Compt.

    For those who are upset over your marks, cheer up!
    Whats done cannot be undone.
    Dont cry over spilt milk ya.
    Just buck up for Term Test 3 and EOY! [:

    And i seriously cant wait for the outing lah, so yeah.
    I wanna thank Ms Pou for allowing us to go to her house to prepare the stuffs. [:

    Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee do tag when you visit.
    Even if you are not from 2e3.
    Teachers, strangers, schoolmates, classmates, anyone!
    Just tag.
    As long as you dont spam or whatsoever.
    You wont lose anything by tagging, will you? ._.

    Please also use your given name, not some initials -__-
    Whoever MC is, you should just tell us who you are lah.
    We aint sharks right?!

    Anywayyyyyyyy, "OUR MOTHER" is Peimin lah.
    That girl ._.

    Remember to do the 500 word compo okayyyy! ;D

    I love you dumb dumbs!

    {Yeah, no originality .___.}

    12:06 AM

    • Friday, May 16, 2008 ♬

    ok lol. i'm here for fun :D
    cant join you all for the class outing . aww.
    have fun! (:
    Dont forget to do that $1000 composition xD
    =.= it's stupid!

    10:39 PM

    • ♬

    Oh dear, no one knows who I am? D: Except for Yiqian, it seems. d:
    Truthfully, I am not your mother 'cause I am not the monitor neither do I have a position in the class commitee & I can't take care of the class.
    I just liked calling myself your mother. XD
    Your 'real' mothers are actually Ms Pou & Mrs Eu. :D
    Therefore they should be treated with respect & yeah, like the proper way you should treat your mother. {:
    Know what's tough love? ;D
    Alrightey then.

    As you should know by now,
    Tuesday, 20th-> Sculpture Walk
    Wednesday, 21st-> Scentsation
    Tuesday, 27th-> Scrabble Competition/Math Olympiad
    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, 2nd-4th June-> PBL Module @ Republic Polytechnic
    You should know whetehr you're going or not. XD

    We also have a 500-word essay to hand up by Wednesday the 21st.
    'How would you make use of $1000 to celebrate life or make life great for others?'
    -in Times New Roman font
    -font size 12
    -save it in a thumb drive
    -print your essay out

    & who's MC? Please use your name or a term which is easily identified by us while tagging, kay?
    We don't like playing guessing games. D:

    Alright, that should be all. :D

    loads of as always,

    7:42 PM

    • ♬

    Yo Dumb dumbs!!

    Ms Pou!! I really have a strong feeling that you would
    Visit this blog :D
    If you happen to pass by,, please tag! ^.^

    May 16 today~
    We have a long weekend...

    Significant things that happened in the class today!
    (I will be updating significant things that happened in the class everyday)

    -Checking of marks
    -500 words compo, "If you hav $1000 how would you use it to make
    Life better or make other people's life better" (It's sth like that but can't remember)XD

    -Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz =.=

    3)SMART class...
    -Our SMART teacher never come?
    -FREE PERIOD!! OTOT(own time own target)


    Additional stuffs:

    -Thanks to YiQian and gang,Theodore and JiaHui
    For helping out to plan the class outing...
    (Did I miss out anymore people? If I did,, tell me)

    -Class Outing maybe at PasirRis Park,Downtown East beach? or East Coast...

    -Date and timing is not confirmed yet
    -We will be asking Mrs Eu for extension of time everyone must agree okay!!

    -Maths Olympiad people are going to sit for their paper on Tuesday
    -Best Wishes to you all people! :D

    -Hadi's drama group would be performing on Tuesday!
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!! Give your fullest support,,
    Must cheer loud loud on tuesday! Demonstrate class spirit again! :D

    I think that's all for now...


    7:24 PM

    • Thursday, May 15, 2008 ♬

    Congrats to people who achieved their targets for their results! Keep up the good work eh!
    & to those who aren't satisfied with their results, don't be disheartened, alright? {: Still have EOYs to do well for! :D Your best effort is never really your best. Your best can be doubled or even tripled! :D SO JIAYOU.
    FIGHTING 2E3! ;D
    Anyways, just a reminder to bring your Science files tomorrow! :D Yeah, it's late posting that up but oh well. -.-
    Remember, just one or two marks can mean a lot. D:

    With bucketloads of ,

    Okay, kidding. x: Not your mother.

    10:33 PM

    • ♬

    Dumb dumbs! :D

    Exams over, CCAs resume!

    Next Monday would be Vesak Day.
    Tuesday would be our Sculpture Walk.
    And on Wednesday there would be the Scentsation thing.

    Enjoy, everyone!

    And i'm so looking forward to the Class Outing.
    Hahah, yayyyyy. [:


    9:57 PM

    • ♬

    Hello there people!

    I shall write down the significant things that happened in the class today

    1)HE people going to computer lab! :DDDD
    -Mrs Guna never come
    -Miss Leow took us to the computer lab

    2)DNT pupils waited for 30mins outside DNT room!
    -Mr Ong was late coz he have to discipline people
    -Went back to class and settle discipline issues
    (2nd group of DNT pupils,none of you better get DC hor! JiaYou! 2 more terms!)

    3)Getting back of resuts

    -Pasir Ris Park
    -??/06/08 Morning till 4pm (actual time and date not confirmed yet)
    -OICs (Timothy,CaiJing,KaiZhen and Joanna)
    *Those who wanna help out for this event,, feel free to approach us..
    *Open to any suggestions

    That's all I guess,,
    If I happen to miss out anything, do tell me yeah?

    It's time to PLAY HARD

    We've been together for 2 terms already
    Class spirit is not even there yet..
    Girls,the guys don't bite...
    Guys,the girls don't bite also...
    Let's work hard for excellence :)


    8:07 PM

    • Wednesday, May 14, 2008 ♬

    Happy Birthday Timothy! (:

    Okay, good luck for rest of the results.

    Continue tagging, people!


    10:33 PM

    • ♬

    Okay,, Happy Birthday to me :D

    Dumb-dumbs! We got back our

    Papers today,, congrats to those who have met their goals...
    And for those people who failed to reach their goals,,
    Work harder next time,, we still have all the way till EOY...
    People who gave up didn't realize how close they were from success!
    Specially the boys!

    And guys,,
    I'm really sorry for not being able to pass down the
    Announcement (bring your science file tomorrow)
    I'm apologizing on behalf of Somi and Nat as well,, really sorry guys...
    I hope you all are aware now and have received the msg!

    That's all people!
    Hope that we all would get good marks tomorrow!


    7:10 PM

    • Tuesday, May 13, 2008 ♬

    Heyyyyy dumb dumbs!

    Happy Birthday Hadi! :DDD

    Dragon boating was very very fun.
    Good for those who went. :D

    Not many people have been tagging.
    Please tag tag tag and tag! [:
    Update tooo!
    Get the password from Timothy/Somi/me.
    Kele wants it and its gooooood.
    Cus it shows that she's interested.
    Hahaha! ;D

    Anyway, i'm seasick now.
    So dizzzzzy.

    We will get our results very soooon.
    All the best to all! :D

    Seeeya all tomorrrow (:

    11:44 PM

    • ♬

    †hè ¤ R€†ÂRЙ

    You have done a lot of crazy stuffs in the class
    And I hope to see more of those stuffs,,
    BUT,, don't get yourself into trouble..

    You've been really a great friend...

    A present for you dude! :D

    Who could have known that this sleeping guy *points below*
    Can actually become so active to like THIS! *points bellow*

    Retardism causes extreme changes to hairdos...
    (Like Hadi's)

    We treasure you just the way you are,,
    RETARD! 8D

    Happy Birthday again dude....

    Alright people,, the moment of truth will come out tomorrow...
    Good luck for your results everyone...
    Hope we all pass with flying colours....


    8:14 PM

    • ♬



    Please continue entertaining us. :D

    Tomorrow(today) is marking day! [:
    No school, but there is dragon boating.
    To all those who are going, have fun!
    I'm exciteddddd. ;D

    Anyway, today's our last paper.


    Time to play hard and enjoy ourselves, dumb dumbs!
    Time for us, 2e3, to bonddd!

    Good luck to all for MYE results.
    Lets hope we'll all get into Top 40 this time.
    Hahaha, I dont think so though.

    Anywayyyyy, do you wanna tell the teachers about the class blog?
    Cus it links to some of our blogs, so yeah.
    Gimme an answer in the tagboarddddddd.

    Gtg nowwwwwwwwwwwww.
    Lots of love!

    12:53 AM

    • Monday, May 12, 2008 ♬

    Hey DUMB DUMBS!!
    Now that exams are over,we can slack now!!!!!

    Goodluck for the results!

    What you SOW is what you REAP!

    If you studied and gave your best shot you will get good results...

    Just now was fencing,
    I hope all the people who poked and got poked enjoyed themselves.
    Tomorrow would be the dragon boating people's turn! :D
    Enjoy there guys! ^.^

    Let's aim for
    I-class awards
    We can do it

    11:55 PM

    • Sunday, May 11, 2008 ♬

    Hello there dumb-dumbs

    Just wanna greet you all

    There would be Fencing tomorrow~
    There would be Dragon Boating on Tuesday~

    Enjoy yourselves there dumb-dumbs (:

    JiaYou for Science tomorrow!
    Let's not disappoint Ms Pou ^.^

    -Timothy ^.^

    6:27 PM

    • ♬

    with link:

    Hello, guys, Happy Late Birthday to Sean and Tsepin (:
    The small picture above there is our class blog banner.
    The code is:

    <★a href="http://the42dumbdumbs.blogspot.com"><★img src="http://i283.photobucket.com/albums/kk316/avel_princess/42dumbhearts.gif"★>
    (pls take out the stars)

    The banner is made by Somi and guys, pls credit me for contributing to class blog huh?! D: haha, joking, yiqian did most of the job and claps to qiannie (:

    Pls keep our class blog alive and get the account info from one of us, me/timo/yiqian. :D I will soon post no-u day photoshop edited pic (:

    Any good photos, pls send to happykimjae-_-baesomi1994@hotmail.com for our class blog so that I can edit them with photoshop!

    Jia you for your last paper, Science on Monday and 42dumbdumbs forever :D
    LOVE 2E3 :D


    2:02 PM

    • Saturday, May 10, 2008 ♬

    Yo Dumb-Dumbs!



    My Singing is horrible.. lol...
    Happy birthday to the 2 of you again!!


    11:09 PM

    • ♬

    Hello dumb dumbs!


    Class blog is done!

    Thank you Somi for the picture! :D
    Thank you Timothy and myself for the rest! :D

    Anyway, our url is the42dumbdumbs because Mrs Eu called us 'dumbdumbs'.
    So yup.

    Get the username and password from either of us and update often!
    Keep tagging too.
    Please keep this blog alive.

    The rules will be up soon.
    Please abide by them.
    And, strictly NO insults/criticisms about the school, teachers or other classes.

    Monday is our last paperr.
    Good luck and all the best everyone!
    Jiayouuuu. :D

    And lets all work hard to be in Top 40.
    We must get all the i-Class awards too! (:


    4:30 PM