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Class Rules

1. Please do not delete others' entries.
2. Please do not insult/criticise the school, teachers or other classes.
3. Please do not spam.
4. Please use your given name to tag.
5. Include your name when your post.

x Pupils on duty please do your duty!

Get username/password from Timothy, Somi or Yiqian.
Please update, tag and keep this blog alive.

Thank you!

TWOexpressTHREE; o8


42 Hearts, 1 Voice

Form Teacher: Mrs Christina Eu
Co-form Teacher: Ms Pou Li Min

English Teacher: Mrs Eu
Math Teacher: Mrs Yap
Science Teacher: Ms Pou
Geography Teacher: Mrs Tan
History Teacher: Ms Tan
Mother Tongue Teachers: (currently unavailable)
Home Economics Teacher: Mrs Guna
DnT Teacher: Mr Ong
PE Teacher: Mr Nirav

Councillors: Jia Hui, Timothy, Theodore, Nabilah, Somi
Monitor: Peimin
Ast. Monitor: Joanna
Treasurer: Cai Jing
Admin Coord: Yi Qian
Healthy Lifestyle Coord: Nathaniel

EL Rep: Dhabitah
Math Rep: Kim Peng
Science Rep: Hadi
Geography Rep: Kai Zhen
History Rep: Somi
PE Rep: Wei Long
D&T/Home Economics Rep: Bethia/ Amanda Tan
IT Rep: Zhang Hui/ Amanda Chang
Smart Rep: Darlyna

1. Ang Kei Wei Alyssa
2. Bae Somi
3. Bethia Neo Jie Ling
4. Chang Jing Yi Amanda
5. Choong Hui Min
6. Dhabitah Bte Yusuf
7. Foo Yuan Zhen Joan
8. Hua Xin Yi
9. Joanna Kow Xue Ting
10. Lau Li Jun
11. Lim Pei Min
12. Low Qiu Ru
13. Luisa Gan Yen Siu Ping
14. Mah Yi Qian
15. Mahalakshmi
16. Masayoe Nabilah
17. Neo Kai Zhen
18. Nur Darlyna
19. Pua Sin Yee
20. Soh Wei Xuan
21. Tan Jia Yue
22. Tan Qian Yi Amanda
23. Tay Kai Shan
24. Toh Zhi Yan
25. Umairah Bte Abu Bakar
26. Wong Jia Hui
27. Yio Kim Peng
28. A Divian
29. Daniel Stephen
30. Fetalvero Nathaniel Jader
31. Lim Cai Jing
32. Low Sheng Xian
33. Muhammad Hadi B Rahman
34. Neil Joseph Lecaros Yap
35. Neoh Tse Pin
36. Ong Wei Long
37. Sean Yip Jian Hong
38. Theodore Emmanuel Choo
39. Turiano Timothy John Bitonio
40. Zhang Hui


Aspire To Excel

x Everyone to be in Top 40 for level ranking
x Class Spirit
x Enthusiasm in everyone
x Boys and girls to bond
x i-Class Excellence
x i-Class Discipline
x i-Class Class Spirit
x i-Class Wellness
x i-Class Cleanliness
x Class tee
x Class outing
x Fewer homework
x Lesser scoldings
x More compliments
x No DC issued

Important Dates

4th - Zhi Yan :D
17th -Kai Shan :D
28th - Qiuru :D

6th - CNY eve
7th - CNY
8th - CNY
13th - English Term Test 1
14th - History Term Test 1/ Valentine's Day
15th - Total Defence Day
18th - Geography Term Test 1
19th - Math Term Test 1
20th - Science Term Test 1
22nd - UG Open House
29th - X-Country

4th - Zhang Hui :D/ No Uniform Day/ CSI Showcase
6th - Project Runway
7th - BC Day - Heritage Trail
15th - Jia Yue :D
19th - PTR Session
21st - Good Friday [Public Holiday!]
27th - Li Jun :D

1st - Nabilah :D
2nd - Jia Hui :D
4th - Cai Jing :D
10th - NAPFA Test
11th - CCA Stand Down
12th - Somi :D
18th - SC Investiture
19th - Nathaniel :D
23rd - Pei Min :D
28th - Kai Zhen :D
30th - English MYE Paper 1 & 2

1st - Labour Day [Public Holiday!]
2nd - MT MYE Paper 1
5th - MT MYE Paper 2
6th - History MYE
7th - Geography MYE
8th - Math MYE Paper 1
9th - Math MYE Paper 2
10th - Sean :D/ Tse Pin :D
12th - Science MYE/ Fencing
13th - Hadi :D/ Marking Day/ Dragon Boating
14th - Timothy :D
16th - CCAs resume
19th - Vesak Day [Public Holiday!]
24th - School Holiday begins!
29th - Theodore :D

3rd - Hui Min :D
5th - Darlyna :D
8th - Maha :D
14th - Wei Xuan :D
17th - Joanna :D
23rd - School reopens

6th - Youth Day
11th - Dhabitah :D
24th - Wei Long :D

8th - National Day Celebration
9th - Sin Yee :D/ National Day [Public Holiday!]
11th - Holiday in Lieu
12th - Term Test 2
13th - Amanda Tan :D/ Joseph :D/ Term Test 2
14th - Term Test 2
15th - Ms Pou :D/ Term Test 2
29th - Teachers' Day Celebration
30th - School Holiday begins!

1st - Teachers' Day 6th - Daniel :D
7th - School reopens
12th - CCA Stand Down
13th - Bethia :D
19th - Luisa :D
26th - English EOY Exam
29th - EOY Exam
30th - EOY Exam

1st - Joan :D/ Children's Day/ Hari Raya Puasa [Public Holiday!]
2nd - EOY Exam
3rd - EOY Exam
6th - EOY Exam
7th - Yi Qian :D/ EOY Exam
8th - EOY Exam
9th - EOY Exam
10th - EOY Exam
15th - Alyssa :D
28th - Deepavali [Public Holiday!]

3rd - Umairah :D
7th - Kim Peng :D
10th - Amanda Chang :D
15th - School Holiday begins!
20th - Sheng Xian :D

8th - Hari Raya Haji [Public Holiday!]
22nd - Xin Yi :D/ Divian :D
25th - Christmas Day [Public Holiday!]

Make some noise!


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    Avel Photoshop

  • • Thursday, November 6, 2008 ♬


    I realise the tagboard is blocked by Joseph's large pictures.

    So, I have to post another post to push the pictures down.


    Long enough I guess.


    still not long enough.

    quickly order your booooooooks.

    hahah, so random.

    enough i guess.

    2:58 AM

    • ♬

    Hey people.
    This is our 40th post.
    Links are updated.

    Okay, anyway.
    Congrats to those who got into the class you want.
    For those who didnt (like me), dont be discouraged!
    Work harder next year yeah! :D

    Its kinda sad to be separated after spending 1 whole year together.
    For some of us its 2 years.

    Yes, by the way, I'm Yiqian and I'm going to 3e6. D:
    Have to blame myself for not working hard enough.
    Good for all of you who's going to 3e7.
    No more irritating loud laughters from me. :/
    Someone else can replace me for the administrative work as well.

    All the besssssst for next year.
    I will miss eu all.

    2:44 AM

    • Friday, September 26, 2008 ♬



    just concentrate on your:

    1) peer marking skills
    2) self marking skills
    3) (sometimes)group marking skills
    4) journal entries
    5) readit exhibits
    6) newspapers
    7) speed tests (in other words, time management)
    8) poem interpretations
    9) art
    10) eyesight
    11) doing your corrections properly when you are bombarded with an enormous amount of answer sheets
    12) maths (6 =/= 8)
    13) how to remove your adjectives from your camping bag after coming home from camping last spring, but with a TUNE
    14) attire
    15) push-ups
    16) classroom cleanliness
    17) ONLY touching newspapers
    18) sandcastle building skills

    and i'm sure you'll pass, WITH FLYING COLOURS!

    also, a couple of fun facts about the effects of menopause you most likely'll not care about;

    1) unpredictable mood swings
    2) trying to fit in with the cool, hip and trendy youngsters in this new age of Y2K thus making one look even uglier than previously imaginable
    3) inability to accept mistakes
    4) chronic and sudden twitching of the mouth from left, then to right, then to left again
    5) extreme and uncurable laziness
    6) pushing the blame on others
    7) being unable to take blame
    8) random ignoring of questions

    a little video, to cheer all of you up, in case you toLDDERz felt saddened by the yawn-inducing bullshit i have just put up.

    yes, you HAVE to click it, you lazy little bumbum.

    by the way, i accidentally a coca cola bottle. what's more, it's not just a little, i accidentally the WHOLE THING! you see, i was screwing around in the playground, with the poles in it, and then a couple of guys came around with these coca cola bottles. they were really up to no good, then we were and suddenly i accidentally the WHOLE BOTTLE! then my mum got scared and said 'you're accidentally the whole bottle with your auntie and uncle in bel-air'. is this bad? what should i do? i'm not really sure a doctor can help me, i mean, it was accidentally the WHOLE bottle.

    i think my situation's as bad as batman's.

    man, what do i do?

    love, sf.

    9:39 PM

    • Tuesday, September 2, 2008 ♬

    liek, hi evry1. me is sf. LOL! haha! lulz. dat wuz a funneh wun. hehehe. lolololol.

    enehwai, i think jonsa borters is a pretty cool guy. eh sings snosg about lvoe and doesnt afraid of anything. i also think that poplee who liek jonsa borters are pretty cool guys and gals. they listen 2 Da beStest band in teh wholest widste wurld and they doesnt afraid of anything. coz jonsa borters r liek, kewlz0rz 2 da MDFK mAxX0Rz!!!

    n i also think tfr iz a pretty cool guy. he iz just sempli kewl man. i meen, juz luke at him. Gtt it, LuKE? tht MDFK from teh bIbLEE? LOL! haha! man, i m liek, so SO funnu.

    OH HAI.

    but srsly, i think rewin is a pretty cool guy gal. seh always comez to too tree 2 sex wit me and doesnt afraid of anything. wel, mayb exept tellin me wat webzites seh goes to. coz i go 2 kewl placez liek, jonsaborters.com.org.blogspot.net.biz, neopets.lulz and liek, mofunz0ne.org. lulz! LOL! haha!

    n, also, i am liek change my blog. liek, nao itz this. plz go der n read sum newz abt cats, wedder n coffee. itz a fun. plz go der n tag, kk? lulzkthxbai.


    no, bai.

    srsly, bai.


    4 Da sevnty11th time, BAI.

    O, U just wonT giv Up Wont U! BAI!

    I Sed Bia!


    LOL! haha!

    k srsly b.

    jk, but if u xpect any mor bs u r ded.

    i think im a pretty kewl guy. i doesnt afraid of anything and doesnt afraid of anything!

    k bb, losr.

    da m0st awes0mest vide0 i ever sin.

    9:33 PM

    • Monday, August 25, 2008 ♬

    Yo peeps!!
    Today, I'm gonna talk about BULLS!
    We're known as WILD BULLS!

    Anyways,, being a bull isn't really a bad thing....
    I suppose.... XD

    Bulls may refer to several things:

    "Four legs is goooood!"
    "Four legs is goooood!"
    "Two legs even better!"

    As bulls,, we shall push each other to do the impossible...
    Running on water perhaps,, but being a wise bulls,,
    We shouldn't follow coz we know no one can walk on water....
    At least we tried....

    Slack slack and slack...
    This is what you'll be come....

    Some bulls are born great (like us)
    But some bulls have to work to greatness (like the guy on the pic)

    This bull is real wild...
    Please,, don't try it at home or in school....

    I would like to thank Red Bull,, the energy drink for inspiring me to post about bulls...

    I cannot find any games today but I hope the fishy game is sufficient enough
    To fill your boredom... Haha...

    Even though we are like wild bulls,, let's show them that we got brains...
    And we're not just wild,, we're also smart... I seriously believe we can...
    Let's work harder for term 4,, time passes very quickly...
    There's no time to loose...

    Bye people!! XD

    9:10 PM

    • Saturday, August 23, 2008 ♬

    Yo people!!
    Here to post again....
    Recently,, we've won the I<3SG banner making competition...
    We've done well ^.^
    Maybe not all but thanks to those people who really helped,, haha....

    Credits to YiQian...

    CaiJing and PeiMin with the paints....


    Aren't they beautiful,lol...
    Simple but nice,, haha....

    The process:
    It wasn't easy, it wasn't hard either...
    We didn't finish it very fast,,
    But we did it as one,,
    Besides,, that's all that matters.....

    Some people in the picture are not suppose to be there... =P
    But their presence is greatly appreciated...

    Concentrate,, lol..

    The products:

    KaiShan's "I"

    Darlyna's "<3"

    HuiMin's "S"

    ZhiYan's "G"

    The whole product :D
    We're proud of it ^.^

    Ours may be different....
    It's suppose to be I <3 S G
    But ours is
    <3 I S G
    And the heart is upside down,, lol....
    But we still won 1st price...

    Thanks to those people who made this thing possible...
    And to the 4 artistic people....


    5:07 PM

    • Monday, August 18, 2008 ♬

    Hey people!

    Don't you think posts are being more and more constant in this blog? XD
    Alrights,, even if we hate self/peer marking very much,,
    We should approach Mrs Eu with that topic politely understand? XD

    Couple of things to take note of...
    -Teachers day
    -Read it "deadline"
    -History thinggy,, chapter 10

    We'll be moving up on wed T_T
    We really had a great time at the 1st floor don't ya all agree? ^.^

    Okay,, that;'s it for now dumbdumbs...

    9:10 PM